About Bailey’s Naturals

We Believe….

image of bailey….that the earth has provided all we need to achieve and maintain good health. We also strongly believe that knowledge is power. We work diligently to assist our customers in educating themselves not only about medicinal herbs and nutritional supplementation, but also healthy lifestyle choices. We believe in self-sufficiency through health-sufficiency, and promote the principle that a strong personal commitment is the foundation of good health.

Consumers of natural products should understand what they’re taking and why. Just because a product is labeled “herbal” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe. (Click here for cautions and herb/drug interactions). We want our customers to get in touch with what’s going on inside their bodies, to learn how herbs and supplements work, and to learn how to safely and effectively  use nature’s pharmacy.

… & Stand For

We are vocal advocates of organic products, and feel that by supporting organic farmers and processors we’re supporting families who care about our health and the health of our planet.

We are vocal opponents to pesticide use, the genetic engineering and irradiation of our food supply, and the excessive use of antibiotics and pharmaceutical drugs. (Click on ” links” to find out how you can make a difference, too.

About our Founder

Julie Brannon, D.PSc, is a licensed holistic health practitioner, master herbalist, and advocate of healthy living.  She is a sought after speaker, sharing her vast knowledge of botanical and functional medicine to the delight of audiences everywhere.  Her wit and wisdom combine to provide an entertaining and enlightening presentation for schools, corporate gatherings, and civic organizations. If you’d like to find out how to book Julie for your next event, just call 727-725-1617 or send an email to  Julie@baileysnaturals.com

Company History

Julie and BaileyA small herb shop –and we mean small– named Bailey’s Naturals was founded in Myrtle Beach, SC in 1998 by Julie Brannon. It was Julie’s second career. The first was a 20 -year stint as a broadcast journalist.  She made the switch following the birth of her daughter, Bailey, for whom the store is named, because “she saved me from a life of self-absorption”, says Julie.  After just one year, with Baby Bailey at her feet, the fledgling herb and vitamin shop doubled in size, and 4 years later, doubled again. It’s inviting and homey apothecary design combined with a calm, peaceful atmosphere to make Bailey’s the most popular oasis of health along the Carolina coast. In 2005 Julie relocated to Florida’s west coast to open a second store. Bailey’s Naturals can be found in the quaint seaside community of Safety Harbor, where you’ll find the same commitment to quality, service, education, and empowerment that made the original Bailey’s Naturals a hallmark in the natural products industry.