What’s on Your Mind?

17 November, 2011

There’s something I’ve been suggesting to my clients lately that I wanted to share.  It has come about recently because of the onset of cold and flu season.

I’ve had several folks check in with me because a cold settled in and got the best of them.  I’ve said “remember last year, you used so-and-so, and it worked really well?”   They respond, “Oh yeah, I forgot.  When I don’t feel well, it’s hard to focus and remember what I did before.”  So, my idea was this:  keep a remedy journal!

Get a spiral notebook dedicated for this purpose, and when you use a remedy that works well for you or a family member, for whatever ailment it may be….. write it down! You’ll be amazed at how quickly this record of remedies will grow and expand.  And when you’re not feeling well, you won’t have to remember anything. Just flip through your journal and you’ll know what to do. You can have confidence that it will help bring you relief….  because you’ve done it before.

Just a little tidbit that I wanted to share.

Yours in good health,



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