Anatomy of an Allergy

Bee-pollen-supplements2If you’re among the unlucky millions who suffer from seasonal allergies, you know all too well how miserable it can be and how intensely it can interfere with daily life. But I’m here to say… you don’t have to suffer! Once you grasp the underlying cause and take a bit of corrective action, your allergies can become a distant memory. Seriously.

Now…. this part is critically important: an allergy is not a condition in and of itself. It’s a symptom…. of an immune system gone haywire. Look at it logically: pollen, along with dander and dust are not harmful to the body. If they were, we humans would have disappeared from the face of the earth long ago! But the immune system of an allergy sufferer is mistaking these natural substances as harmful. Up go the defenses — the histamine release– and here come the unpleasant symptoms. So…. at its core, allergies are nothing more than a faulty immune response.

From a natural health standpoint, this is an easy fix…. all you have to do is nurture, strengthen, and sort out the immune system and poof! no more allergies. I’m going to offer you some simple strategies to do just that, and the only other thing required is a basic desire –to use your better judgment.

The first step toward an allergy free life is to take a close look at your diet –which is the foundation of a healthy immune system. Everything that goes through that portal in your face matters – in a BIG way. You can’t eat junk and expect to be healthy. Fast food, sodas, sweet snacks, and anything processed…. forget it. Dead food and empty calories weaken immune function and pack on the pounds. The human body wants –and needs– a fresh, predominantly plant based whole foods diet. Research shows that dairy and red meat can increase allergy symptoms because of their Omega 6 content, so you may want to opt for fish which is high in balancing Omega 3, or a fish oil supplement if you’re not keen on seafood. And don’t forget – half your body weight in ounces of water each and every day. Caffeine? Not so much. Caffeine in any form depletes the adrenals, and if you have allergies – your adrenals are already screaming for help.

Now, as you go about strengthening that wonky immune system through a nourishing diet, there are plenty of natural remedies for speedy symptomatic relief. The ones I’m going to suggest have all been clinically studied and proven to relieve allergy symptoms. But more importantly, while they’re busy helping you feel better, they’re also supporting immune function … not depleting it like pharmaceutical anti-histamines do. Keep in mind: when you have a health condition you need therapeutic doses of supplements, so working with a natural practitioner is always a good idea.

First… a high quality probiotic. It’s kind of a buzzword these days – and well deserved. That’s because scientists discovered that 80% of all the immune cells in the entire body line the digestive tract. If you don’t have the right amount of healthy flora in your gut – your immune system is out to lunch, and if you’ve had even one round of antibiotics you’re that much further behind the 8-ball. So, start with a high quality probiotic supplement that you take daily. And no, eating yogurt is not enough. You’d have to down a bucket full to get any real benefit.

Next… good old Vitamin C. It’s been around so long that folks forget how fabulous it is! Vitamin C is a time tested natural anti-histamine and powerful antioxidant that scavenges free radicals which attack our healthy cells. It offers many other benefits and is water-soluble, so don’t hesitate to go for 1000 mg or more, three times a day. With high dose C therapy I prefer a buffered (esterified) form with a neutral pH so it won’t cause your system to become overly acidic.

Grapeseed Extract… is a real all-star that works with Vitamin C. It’s a member of an elite class of super antioxidants known as OPC’s. In addition to fighting free radicals, grapeseed strengthens cell membranes, can dramatically reduce the allergic response, and has astounding immune supportive properties. It’s also anti-aging and good for the vascular system because it boosts collagen production. Be sure to take 100 mg’s with vitamin C at least twice a day, with food.

Quercetin… is a bioflavonoid found in trace amounts in food and extensively studied since its discovery in the 1930’s. Quercetin is what helps make “superfoods” super! Powerfully antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it stabilizes and regulates the immune response, halting the histamine release. It’s used for many different conditions and has even been found to enhance endurance and athletic performance. Quercetin is more bioavailable if “activated” by the enzyme bromelain.

Nettle leaf… is a great herb to have in your anti-allergy arsenal. Studies show it has an uncanny ability to significantly reduce allergy symptoms as it regulates the histamine release. Nettles are also nutritious and detoxifying, helping to remove uric acid. It does increase kidney function so bump up the water intake if you opt to add nettle leaf to your regime.

images-1Sinus irrigation…. is much more important than you might think. Ever seen pollen grains under a microscope? They look like pointy little alien death-stars. Imagine a thousand or so of those things stuck up your nose. Makes me think of a burr under a horse’s saddle. That’s why it’s important to flush away those irritants. Neti pot? I’m not a fan. Unless you sterilize it before and after each use, and measure the solution exactly, you can be putting bacteria where you don’t want it, and actually over-drying the sinus membranes – which will create more mucous. Invest in Simply Saline, an affordable and chemical free nasal spray that stays sterile throughout use, and is available at your local drug store.

There are certainly other herbs and supplements on the market that are useful in winning the battle against seasonal allergies. For instance: homeopathic remedies, which are a good choice for children, the elderly, moms-to-be, and anyone taking prescription drugs. I’m not too keen on dropping brand names, but you can’t go wrong with Sabadil, by a company called Boiron.

Finally… don’t get discouraged along your journey to good health. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Just keep in mind that given the time and opportunity the human body will always seek to heal itself. It’s simply how we were made. How cool is that?

Here comes the requisite disclaimer: this information is provided for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any illness or disease, nor should it be construed as medical advice, or a substitute for the expert care of a qualified physician.

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Beat the Creepy Crawlies

Lice. Yuck, right? Worse than their very existence, 25 states are now known to have chemical resistant lice –including Florida. That’s why it pays to be pro-active. It’s a lot easier to prevent an outbreak than to treat one. For more, just click on this link…..

Essential oils have been used to deal with the creepy crawlies for centuries. Tea tree oil is widely regarded, but so are a few others that smell better. Blend equal amounts of lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus essential oils, then add a few drops to shampoos, conditioners, or emulsify (by mixing the oil blend with a few drops of alcohol or witch hazel & add water) into a spray for spritzing on noggins as kids head out the door. Avoid the eyes, of course. We’re grownups here.

If lice happen to beat you to the punch, simply add several drops of the essential oil blend to some olive oil and coat the hair and scalp thoroughly, stick on a shower cap and leave it overnight. Wash out in the morning, and don’t forget to comb put the nits. Repeat in a few days for good measure. Oh yeah, and do all that other stuff you have to do. Yuk, right?

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Back-To-School Health Basics

It’s back-to-school time, and you know what that means: all those kids congregating in classrooms that become Petri dishes for viruses and God-knows-what faster than you can say amoeba. You may not have a school-aged child, but that doesn’t let you off the hook. Chances are you work with –or will come in contact with– someone who does, so you’ll be exposed whether you like it or not. Face it: viruses are more opportunistic that a teenager after the family car keys.

The goal this time of year is to reinforce the defenses; circle the wagons around your immune system. It’s not hard to do. Everything you need is readily available. It just takes a bit of commitment, and a dose of common sense.

1.  Handwashing:  Don’t give me that look. It’s important and it works. Just do it. Enough said.

2.  Multi-Vitamin/mineral:  In a perfect world we would get all the nutrients we need to stay healthy from our food. Fact is, this world is far from perfect, and the typical American diet is woefully shy in the nutrient department. Get a high quality supplement designed for kids from a health food store, and give it to them with breakfast every day. I suggest making sure it has a nice concentration of the B-vitamins, which studies show help kids stay calmer and better focused.

3.  Probiotics:   There’s a lot of buzz about probee’s these days. For good reason: 80% of our immune cells line the digestive tract, so keeping the gut populated with beneficial flora not only promotes regularity, it supports immune function. One study involving preschoolers showed that kids who took a daily probiotic had 75% fewer colds and flu’s than those who didn’t. That is not a number to sneeze at. You say you eat yogurt? Great! But you’d have to eat a truckload to get the concentrations of active cultures that you need. Do yourself a favor and give the kids a chewable, and a capsule containing at least 8-billion for yourself.

4.  Vitamin D:  Research shows that kids with adequate vitamin D levels get fewer colds and flu; their bones and teeth are stronger, and they get fewer cavities as well. Problem is, the majority of kids don’t get a sufficient amount…. even if they’re outdoorsy types. Children over age 1 need 600 to 1,000 iu’s daily. Opt for the D-3 form, the natural most bio-available to the body. There are plenty of good brands out there, including tasty gummies and the like.

5.  Grape Seed Extract:   This is a member of a small and very dignified group of super-antioxidants known as OPC’s (oligomeric proanthocyanidins).  Sourced from the seeds of red grapes, GSE strengthens cells under attack by free radicals. This is key, because this boosts immune function, and gives the body more ammo to fight and defeat viruses. It also works with vitamin C in the body, so be sure to get plenty of that as well.  Grape seed extract has also been shown to be a potent anti-bacterial; it even reduces the bacteria that cause tooth decay. In addition to supporting immune health, GSE is also used to treat allergies, ADD, and cardiovascular disease.  For children under twelve, 50 mgs is usually sufficient, over twelve, 100 mgs.

So, there are a few simple suggestions to help keep our immune systems strong this year.  We always welcome your comments and questions. Just shoot us an email!

This information is provided for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace the care of a health practitioner.

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Julie On TV: Fight the Flu – Naturally!

In case you missed Julie’s recent appearance on Good Day Tampa Bay, check out this link and learn how to winterize your immune system! Then, read on, and get the recipe for her famous Super Elderberry Tea!

Mankind has relied on the diminutive elder tree for literally thousands of years for its healing powers.  A tea made from the flowers soothes upper respiratory conditions and will guarantee a good nights sleep, while the berry — that amazing little berry– has been kicking colds and flu to the curb since ancient Egyptian times.

Clinical studies prove that a decoction of elderberry keeps viruses from replicating and invading healthy cells, with a cure rate of 90% within 72 hours.  Those are impressive stats.

Elderberry is amazing for the body in other ways, too. It relieves sinus and bronchial issues (both inflammation and congestion), soothes sore throats, and is powerfully antioxidant.  With all that, what’s not to love?  Here’s Julies favorite recipe for a kicked-up elderberry concoction sure to ease those winter ailments!

Super Elderberry Tea

5 TBSP dried elderberries

1 TBSP marshmallow root

1 TBSP ginger root

2 TBSP rosehips

(This recipe makes 3 batches)

Place all ingredients in a jar with a tight fitting lid; shake well to combine.

Bring 1 quart of water to boil in a saucepan. Add 1/4 cup of the herb mixture, and reduce heat. Simmer 15 minutes, then cover, turn off the heat and allow to sit for 30 more minutes, stirring occasionally. Strain into a jar with a tight fitting lid.

To dose, pour 1/2 cup of the tea decoction into a cup, add boiling water to fill cup. (For children under 6 use half the adult dose) Sweeten with honey or stevia if desired. Drink at least 3 cups per day at first symptom of cold or flu. Keep remaining tea refrigerated; the medicinal properties will remain intact for 3 days. Store the dry mixture in an airtight jar or container.

This information is provided for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness or disease, nor should it be considered medical advice or a substitution for the care of a qualified health professional.  

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“Why We Love Bailey’s Naturals!”

We’ve had many, many success stories over the years;  stories of  folks who’ve made dramatic improvements to their health –and lives– via a renewed commitment to healthy lifestyle habits and supplements tailored specifically to their needs. Here’s what a few of them have to say about the compassionate care they receive from Bailey’s. We’d love to hear from you too!

From Merelyn V.,  Safety Harbor FL  “Julie, who owns Bailey’s Naturals, has been my “health-saver” for over 5 years now. My doctor is even amazed, and I am truly blessed, at age 76, to be prescription drug free due to Julie’s knowledge of herbs and healing. Thank you Julie!”

From Martha F., Lake Wales, FL:  “Thanks Julie, I really believe that you have been a part of keeping me well.  You suggested  [supplements]  that you thought fit my needs, & they have….  the quercetin has been a God send to me!  What a difference in my allergies, or should I say, “what allergies”?  They don’t bother me any more.  And, Praise the Lord, I can’t remember when I had bronchitis last! ”

From Stephanie S., Mamaroneck NY:   “I have super delicate skin, prone to inflammation; I’ve tried everything under the sun, from prescriptions to over-the-counter, but I have never had the immediate and magically soothing effect that I’ve gotten from Mom’s Healing Salve in mere days.  When I learned today the product was created by a Mom for her daughter, and that it’s 100% homemade, it rocked my world.  Thank you, Julie, from the bottom of my heart!”


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Discover Your Dosha

Click the link below to print the Questionaire:

Discover Your Dosha


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Give a Gift of Good Health

GiftCertificateA Bailey’s Naturals Gift Certificate is a thoughtful, valuable, anytime gift. They’re available in any denomination for purchasing supplements, medicinal teas, or natural personal care products. Gift certificates for private Holistic Health Counseling sessions are also available.  Give a Bailey’s Naturals gift certificate and give a gift of good health! Available to our store customers and on-line clients as well.  Just call 727-725-1617 or email us at

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Live Blood Analysis




January 13th, 2018
10AM to 5PM

Also known as Nutritional Cell Analysis, this is an efficient and affordable way to assess your current state of health, set wellness goals, and develop a road map to help you reach those goals!  When viewed under a dark field microscope, a tiny drop of blood reveals a surprising amount of information regarding the health of your cells –and therefore the health of your body.  Skilled Microscopic Technician Brandi Stewart can identify nutritional deficiencies, digestive issues, toxicity, yeast overgrowth, and much more. You get a complete assessment, recommendations to help you correct imbalances, and a DVD of your blood terrain.  It takes 30 minutes, and at a cost of just $50 it’s a valuable investment in your health.  Dry layer analysis –which takes a more in-depth look at your cellular health– is also available.  We offer this service every month! Call 727-725-1617 for info or to make an appointment.

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What’s on Your Mind?

17 November, 2011

There’s something I’ve been suggesting to my clients lately that I wanted to share.  It has come about recently because of the onset of cold and flu season.

I’ve had several folks check in with me because a cold settled in and got the best of them.  I’ve said “remember last year, you used so-and-so, and it worked really well?”   They respond, “Oh yeah, I forgot.  When I don’t feel well, it’s hard to focus and remember what I did before.”  So, my idea was this:  keep a remedy journal!

Get a spiral notebook dedicated for this purpose, and when you use a remedy that works well for you or a family member, for whatever ailment it may be….. write it down! You’ll be amazed at how quickly this record of remedies will grow and expand.  And when you’re not feeling well, you won’t have to remember anything. Just flip through your journal and you’ll know what to do. You can have confidence that it will help bring you relief….  because you’ve done it before.

Just a little tidbit that I wanted to share.

Yours in good health,



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For more than a dozen years we’ve helped folks live healthier lives. No flash. No hype. Just great natural health products and exceptional customer service.

This is why the Bailey’s Naturals family of clients spreads from coast to coast and continues to grow.  Whether you shop in our comfy Safety Harbor store or on-line, you’ll find we have an uncompromising commitment to good health…. and to you.

Thanks for stopping by!

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