Live Blood Analysis




January 13th, 2018
10AM to 5PM

Also known as Nutritional Cell Analysis, this is an efficient and affordable way to assess your current state of health, set wellness goals, and develop a road map to help you reach those goals!  When viewed under a dark field microscope, a tiny drop of blood reveals a surprising amount of information regarding the health of your cells –and therefore the health of your body.  Skilled Microscopic Technician Brandi Stewart can identify nutritional deficiencies, digestive issues, toxicity, yeast overgrowth, and much more. You get a complete assessment, recommendations to help you correct imbalances, and a DVD of your blood terrain.  It takes 30 minutes, and at a cost of just $50 it’s a valuable investment in your health.  Dry layer analysis –which takes a more in-depth look at your cellular health– is also available.  We offer this service every month! Call 727-725-1617 for info or to make an appointment.

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