Holistic Health Services

Julie Brannon, D.PSc

Julie Brannon, D.PSc

Private Holistic Health Counseling

with Julie Brannon, D.PSc

  • Nutritional & Lifestyle Guidance
  • Supplement Protocol, Review & Recommendation
  • Complimentary Follow-ups
  • Telephone Appointments Available

Julie Brannon, D.PSc has nearly 2 decades of experience in enlightening and empowering her clients toward  health and vitality.  “Knowledge is power,” says Julie.  “The more we understand how the human body works, the more confident and committed we become in making positive changes and utilizing Nature’s Pharmacy.   But it doesn’t stop there. We must embrace all aspects of who we are:  body, mind, and spirit. Only then can we achieve true and lasting good health.”

When you need assistance, clarity, and compassion on your journey to good health, Julie is the one to call.  She will use her expertise and extensive knowledge of natural remedies to help you design a customized strategy to reach your health goals.

 “When I first met Julie I was in search of help with extreme fatigue. My fatigue had become severe affecting every part of my life. I’ve been to primary care doctors and specialists for solutions. I had just about given up when I decided to go to Julie for a consultation.   Julie thoroughly assessed my supplements and made recommendations. This consultation changed my life! I have a new found energy that has given me the ability to function in my daily routine. I am more alert at work and able to exercise again. Thank you Julie for your spirit, your wisdom, and guidance to help me regain my life!”
St. Petersburg

What are you waiting for?  Make an appointment today! The cost of a consultation is $75.  Financial arrangements are available on a case-by-case basis.

Call:     727-725-1617
Text:     727-512-5345  or
Email:   julie@baileysnaturals.com
to schedule an appointment in person or via telephone

Julie is not a state licensed medical provider,  but rather is licensed with the Pastoral Medical Association, an international  ecclesiastical body.  She does not engage in medical diagnostics, prescriptions, or allopathic medical treatment.