Kid’s Health

Here you’ll find some great tips, information, and resources for living healthy and living well. I even add some of my favorite original recipes from time to time.

I’m particularly concerned with the state of children’s health today. Even if you don’t have children of your own, chances are you have a brother or sister, cousin or friend who does. Please share the following information with as many parents as possible!

Every parent wants to raise a healthy child. A child, who doesn’t suffer illness, is able to fulfill their potential, and take on the world. But the sad truth is that we’ve forgotten that healthy minds and healthy bodies begin with healthy food. And most of what we feed our children today undermines the hopes and dreams we have for these leaders of tomorrow.

Childhood obesity has become a national health crisis, with some 60% of all American children tipping the scales as clinically obese. Aside from the obvious emotional injury this can cause, obesity is a direct threat to health, leading to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and a significantly shortened life span. The major culprit in the obesity scenario -in unhealthy children in general – are fast foods and processed, packaged foods.

These foods are full of all the things that attack a childs health: chemical preservatives –shown to damage the body’s ability to absorb certain minerals and cause cancer in lab animals ; artificial colors – a proven link to ADD and ADH; pesticides – associated with learning disabilities, cancer and decreased fertility; and hydrogenated fats — which are found in virtually all fried and commercially processed foods and snacks. Hydrogenation kills the essential fatty acids found in otherwise healthy oils and creates free radicals that damage immune cells.

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